@ @@Jaw Shen screw foundation to establish formally in July, Year 76 of the Republic of Chinas, because the wood work 4 th road factory premises is not enough to use, moving the factory to go to the wood the work 2nd. roads No.4 in May, Year 91 of the Republic of Chinas ( current address). Company the personnel has 20 people. Under the screw components that employee strives relentlessly up and down, provide the high quality, high nicety, pass the ISO9001 on in that November 19 (2000 version) .

@@Jaw Shen screw and grasps" beg in the stability and beg and progress in the development, profession" it principle, a step per footprint experience successively 15 years and still does not change. " the quality the first, customer is highest and serves for first" is the trillion stretches the quality policy that screw stress, as long as you have demand inside the hexangular bore screw or have any screw aspect problem to welcome you contact with us, the trillion stretch the screw absolutely lets feeling that you already feel at home here

Conduct the characteristic
1.The screw stock specification is well-found about more than 2,000.
2.The molding tool stock is ample and the examination equipment is well-found.
3.Personnel's character is high, the technique is good and the flexibility is strong.
4.The quality is stable, all depending on the standard the specification the manufacturing.

In the future outlook
1.The quality promote, clerk's homework computerizes overall.
2.Install the website heads into the e to turn.
3.Expand to export the industry pike.

4.Personnel's training.

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